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خانقاہی نظام کا صوفیت میں کردار: شخصیت سازی کیلئے اسلامی تناظر میں تجزیاتی جائزہ: Role of Monastic System for Sufism: An Analytical Study for Personality Development in Islamic Perspective

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In the contemporary social system, the scientific inventions and technology has brought the humans closer. However, this advancement, in reality has made the humans accustomed to lavish style of life taking away from them the love, care and basic humanity. The spiritual system of Islam purifies and enlightens the inner self. When the heart is pure, the morals are ascended as well. When a person is drowned in the love of Allah and his Beloved Rasool Allah SAW, he is never selfish and greedy, rather he is the helper of humanity. In the context of Pakistan, it is necessary to make people aware of the nurturing effects of Rasool Allah SAW morality through the pure teachings of the monastic system. So that Pakistani Muslims can live a purposeful life. The practical examples of patience, tolerance selflessness, justice and kindness can only be found in the learned people of spiritual system. Today, Muslims in every sphere of life, from individual to the international level are in the state of decline and stagnation. The spiritual strength is the prerequisite to overcome impracticality, uncertainty and pointlessness. This makes our life meaningful, dynamic and active roles are cultivated at the height of confidence which can only be found in the spiritual system. Guided by the Holy Quran and the biography of the Prophet SAW, not only do we find the laws to govern the state we are also given guidance and lessons on purifying the heart and soul.


Monastic System, Basic Humanity, Pakistani Musims, Lavish Style, Spiritual System