Journal of Academic Research for Humanities (JARH) is a double-blind peer-review, Open Free Access, online Multidisciplinary Research Journal
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Edition Link: Journal of Academic Research for Humanities JARH, 4(1) January-March 2024

HJRS Link: Journal of Academic Research for Humanities JARH (HEC-Recognized for 2023-2024)




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NAME, PhD Scholar IELL,



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(JARH) Shwish (2024). Identifying level. In Journal of Academic Research for Humanities, 4(1), 00–00.


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  Abstract word limit is between 200 to 249 words in 12 font size.

Keywords: only five single words

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2 Humanities

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Paper text in 12 font size in Calibri style and all in-text citations would be in Blue color (Dobosz & Beaty, 2010),

Statement of the Problem

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Significance of the study

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H1: the first hypothesis is

H2: the second hypothesis is


  1. To measure the impact of leadership skills on sports participation.
  2. To quantify the impact of training and instruction on sports participation.



Review of Leadership and Sport Literature

Gordon (2005), all through-text citations would also be in Cyan Color

Literature Review

All headings would be in indented style (quite in the left margin) If any picture or table can be adjusted in a single column, then it is OK.Paste as follows….. Lindberg (2008)

But if it is big then attached it at the end of the paper as (Annex A, B , C)

Discussion / Analysis

Important headings are in the format





Innovation/Research Gap:

Please include a paragraph to explain the innovation or new portion of your research and how it aligns with “Empowering humanity with knowledge through research”.



The reference would be in Alphabetic order and the first line from the start and the remaining line in paragraph style and in Cyan colour

Al-Ansari, M. (2011). Women in sports leadership in Bahrain. Muslim women and sport, 79-      91.