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کشور ناہید کا تصورِ مرد: آپ بیتیوں کی روشنی میں: Kishwar Naheed’s Concept of Men: In the Light of Autobiographies


Kishwar Naheed is famous for her bold writings concerning the issues related to women in a male-dominated society. In the writings of Kishwar Naheed, the real highlights of the concept of men emerge. She opened her eyes to a stifling environment, where women were restricted to housework, however, she strongly resisted the traditional life of women and made education the motto of life regardless of family status and restrictions. She has come to know that being a woman in a male society, life without education and employment is nothing but slavery. Kishwar knows very well about the difficulties of her mother’s life, which is why she has a lot of resistance and rebellious attitudes in her narratives. She has also experienced the difficulties of women which have shaped her ideas. Apart from this, women’s quest for identity finds much stronger expression in her prose. Naheed raises her voice through the weapon of poetry and prose for the betterment of humanity. Kishwar Naheed is a progressive writer who made possible the recovery of men’s psychology in practical life and did not hesitate to share her thoughts and experiences. This is the reason why she is one of the first voices to rise against oppression in Pakistan and the nations of the world. In Kishwar Naheed’s narrative, there are bitter experiences of life, in the light of which she conveys her ideas to the readers in her work.  This article is based on documentary research about Kishwar Naheed’s autobiographies.


Gender Discriminations, Women's Plight, Gender Consciousness, Women's Struggle, Liberty of Freedom, Autobiographies



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