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Strategies of Da'wah and Propagation in the Prophet's Makki era : An overview: مکی دور نبویﷺمیں دعوت وتبلیغ کی حکمت عملی:ایک اجمالی جائزہ

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Adab al-Seerah has a prominent place in Islamic sciences. This is the sacred knowledge which is directly related to the life of  Holy Prophet(PBUH). Researchers have contributed a lot to explore his teachings with full of dedication. They have provided their services with honesty, but none of the scholars ever claimed that their effort have covered all the pearls of wisdom of Holy Prophet’s (PBUH) knowledge. The researchers tried their best to provide services for exploring new corners, and inventing new ways. Thousands of them have produced millions of pages. One of these aspects for the creation of untouched aspects under the title of Fiqh-ul-Seerah is the Da'wah strategy of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) especially in Makki era. This article elaborates on the Holy Prophet’s (PBUH) strategy adopted for the propagation of the Islam during the Makki era.

 Key words: Adab al-Seerah, Fiqh-ul-Seerah, Da'wah strategy, Makki era


Adab al-Seerah, Fiqh-ul-Seerah, Da'wah strategy, Makki era