Journal of Academic Research for Humanities (JARH) is a double-blind peer-review, Open Free Access, online Multidisciplinary Research Journal
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About the Journal

JARH, ISSN Print: 2663-192X & Online: 2788-4139, HEC-recognized 'Y', is a double-blind peer-review, open-access, quarterly, online multidisciplinary research journal in the area of social sciences and humanities subjects having More info

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A comparative study of Khiyar-e-Shirt and Call option
Imran ullah et al.
Methods of Entertainment in the Prophetic Age
مکی دور نبویﷺمیں دعوت وتبلیغ کی حکمت عملی:ایک اجمالی جائزہ
jaffar et al.
Millenarian Movements and Religious Syncretism in the Indian Subcontinent
Role of Monastic System for Sufism: An Analytical Study for Personality Development in Islamic Perspective

Volume 4, No. 3.
The International "Journal of Academic Research for Humanities"

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